Elephant LifeForce Journey

Team Huxley

Craig and Fiona, father-daughter team, have been collaborating on projects full time for 6 years. Spanning generations, they strive to bring awareness to elephant and wildlife conservation in innovative ways.

The mission:

To Raise Awareness And Activate Solutions For The Plight Of The Pachyderms. 

To engage conscience about the 10% of the last remaining elephants in the wild that are vanishing each year. To educate and inspire.

10 big reasons elephant survival is crucial. 5 big solutions

Craig & Fiona set out to make a film on the worldwide elephant crisis facing the species today. They knew in order to get the message across, they’d have to approach it in a different way and gather a global perspective. Throughout their 3 year process, the Huxleys have learned a tremendous amount about elephant behavior and habitat, human wildlife conflict, and the complexity for the global demand for ivory and intricacies involved.

African Elephants:

Throughout their 3-year process, the Huxley team fell in love with everything elephant, starting with their gorgeous footage from Africa. ELF is working in many ways to support other great foundations with their remarkable efforts. The Elephants on the Edge film showcases hundreds of Maasai rangers protecting elephants and wildlife everyday. 

Seeing the dedication for conservation in Africa, the Huxley team set out to learn as much as they could about elephants and make some waves in the states. 

The elephants need all the help they can get. Wherever we go, people young and old are still shocked to learn the severity of their crisis.

The ICONIC Largest Land Mammal revealed through a poetic Edu-taining collaboration!





Mission: (What we do?)

Team Huxley's mission is to Engage Conscience & Elevate Consciousness…while saving African Elephants from immanent extinction. We're dedicated to providing "motivating edu-tainment" to all ages across the globe. Interviewing moral leaders and wildlife biologists and presenting our deep concerns and most creative solutions through global participation in events and wide spectrum of media. We have already begun addressing high schools and conducting discussions at universities, on radio & TV. 

Up close and personal: 

Team Huxley made it their mission to visit African elephants and interact up close with their magnificence. Witnessing their massive size, feeling the vibration of their undulating torsos, and looking into their gentle gaze, was something we will never forget. They are remarkable in every way. Losing the Loxodonta Africana in a mere 10 years would impact our planet in so many ways. Planet Earth needs this keystone species. Biologically, metaphorically, spiritually, economically, their young and our young deserve to have each other in their lives.

There is no way to exactly express what we felt. The only word that comes close for touching and communicating with the gentle giants, was an immense rush of being alive. It changed our perspective on existence; stepping back and really feeling present, connected, aware, & awake.

They changed us and we know they can do the same for you, if you open your mind and heart. The elephants are not just life’s largest land mammal… They are symbolic of DEEP MEMORY, icons of WISDOM, and beacons of Planet Earth itself. We are not ready to stand by and let them go. Are you?

Please join us in protecting and preserving pachyderms by helping one Millennial and one Boomer connect and reach out to all the generations cohabiting on this green Earth.