The Elephant LifeForce Journey

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Craig Huxley & Fiona Huxley

Craig and Fiona, father-daughter team, have been collaborating on projects full time for 6 years. Spanning generations, they strive to bring awareness to elephant and wildlife conservation in innovative ways.


Craig Huxley

CEO, Producer, Musician/Composer, Actor, Father. Craig started as a child prodigy musician gaining fame from his Piano Trio, winning "NBC Showcase" (tying with Sly & the Family Stone.) He appeared 200 times in guest roles on TV shows ranging from "Bewitched," "Kung Fu," to "Star Trek." Craig played Captain Kirk's nephew (Peter James Kirk) on Star Trek TOS. In Craig's career of scoring, sound design, and producing, he composed "Genesis Project" for Star Trek movies, many of which feature his patented 18ft long Blaster Beam. Huxley led The Enterprise Studio team that provided all sound for Kiefer Sutherland's "24." He did music and FX for Coppola-directed, Lucas-produced, Disneyland installation, "Captain E/O," starring Michael Jackson. He composed for "Dallas" and themes for PBS and "Walker Texas Ranger." He has produced over 40 IMAX DVDs and 8 awareness adventure films including "James Cameron: Explorers from Titanic."

In 2016, Craig was a featured performer on his Blaster Beam instrument throughout Bear McCreary's music score of  J.J. Abrams' hit film,"10 Cloverfield Lane." 

  • EMMY Award Winning Producer
  • Michael Jackson - featured keyboard Soloist on 20 #1 hits.
    • (Including "Earth Song" & "We Are The World")
  • Founder & Director of The Enterprise Studios.
  • "Amazon Trek" and "Whales of Atlantis" - Producer of Award winning documentaries.
  • Distributed & Produced the 1st DVD in US and European history.
  • Produced soundtrack music for movies "2010: Space Odyssey" and "Baraka."
  • Created signature sound logo of THX.


Fiona Huxley



Fiona Huxley

Fiona is a Singer/Songwriter, Actress, Model, Host, & Wildlife Spokesperson. Growing up at her father's Enterprise Recording Studios, she developed a talent for music and mimicry as a child. Along with her vocal talents, she speaks conversational Mandarin Chinese (entering UCLA at age 14.) Fiona has always been a wildlife enthusiast and is excited to educate and share her artistry to people spanning continents and generations.

For 3 years, Fiona and her father Craig, have been co-producing and co-hosting  "Elephants on the Edge" docu-film. 

In 2016 Fiona completed her first elephant children's book in an upcoming series. 

  • "Voice Genie" (over 80 animation characters, accents, dialects, singing personalities.) 
  • AwesomenessTV Star & theme song composer
  • Featured performer at Chinese's New Year 2014 Event in Monterey, CA 
  • YouTube following from around the world
  • Narrator for "California Sea Lions"
  • Children's book author