Elephant LifeForce Outreach

March Momentum 

Each year, Team Huxley is active on the Elephant March scene, where they've met up with California Congressman Ted Lieu at the Federal Building in Los Angeles. Fiona and Craig spoke with Congressman Lieu about new legislation to end the sale of illegal elephant ivory across America.

The USA is actually the world's 2nd largest consumer of ivory, with LA and NYC being some of the busiest ivory trade ports. Illegal ivory is smuggled into the black market where paperwork is forged to claim that the ivory being sold is dated pre-1989 ban. This creates a serious problem for consumers who can't tell how old the ivory piece is that they are purchasing. About 30 thousand elephants are killed per year for their ivory. 10% per year of the remaining population of 300 thousand. This leaves 10 years left for elephants. Team Huxley is adamant about raising awareness about the ticking clock. ELF believes that curbing the demand for ivory altogether will be elephants saving grace. Along with raising awareness, Team Huxley is continuing outreach to leaders involved in legislation to pass laws banning illegal ivory sales.