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Fiona's Elephant Children's Book

El and Ebony is a children’s book series created by dad and daughter and Fiona's good friend and illustrator, Kejun Zhao. 

El Elephant Is Struggling With How To Use His Trunk, While His Many Friends On The Savannah Seem To Be Doing Just Fine With Their Newfound Talents.         

     El Asked Mama Eliza, “Why Can’t I Control My Trunk?”                                                      Eliza Replied, “Why Darling, Every Little Elephant Goes Kerplunk, Kerplunk!

When Disaster Strikes, Will El Be Able To Protect His Friends And Family? This Is A Story Of How An Insecurity Can Become Your Greatest Asset.

A Book Both Youth And Adults Will Enjoy – Over And Over Again.

Uplifting Message

The underlying themes of the first book are friendship and teamwork. Realizing you’ve done something wrong and apologizing for it, and learning to get over an insecurity.

Many characters that embody the moral values kids grow up with and seeing how they workout their psychological problems example for kids to see how these different species different characters within the one you know species of elephants have conflict and resolution. 

Family Values

The Elephants on the Edge documentary covers the shocking details of the ivory trade, which the Huxley’s never go into in their children’s book. Young, sensitive minds aren't ready to deal with big complicated issues such as elephant poaching. The Huxleys will instead, show youngsters how they can appreciate and love elephants through their children’s books. Elephants are one of the most intelligent, caring, sensitive, and family oriented beings on this planet. Talk about family values… Here's the epitome… Here's the epicenter. The Mother load of family values. Elephant epicenter mother lode. Elephant herds are matriarchal and have aunties, also called alomothers who care for the young elephants, even if it’s not their own by blood.

About the illustrator

Kejun Zhao is a young award-winning illustrator hailing from Shanghai, based in Los Angeles. Her unique style lends heartfelt life and personality into Fiona’s series of tales… El and Ebony. Her use of color, shapes, and angles give the series it’s signature look.